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Real Emotional Intelligence

Someone asked me last week what exactly Emotional Intelligence was. I explained that its a combination of factors namely (Goleman) Self Awareness (to be aware of ones own emotional state, emotional reactions and focus of attention), Self Management (the ability to regulate those emotions and reactions), Motivation (the ability to rise to a challenge and maintain …

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The Enneagram in Business – Barriers to Acceptance

I have been using the Enneagram with business for over ten years now and it get clearer and stronger to me every day. Its general acceptance among the business community is becoming a reality – but slowly. Some of this is I believe is to do with the way it is taught and the language that …

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The Enneagram in Business

The Enneagram is all about improvement and uses levels of health and talks of stripping away the “Veil of Illusion” to see things as they really are which has consequential significant improvement on awareness and interpersonal interaction at work.  As a Manager what would one give for ones team to have improved communication, conflict management …

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