An Introduction to NLP

NLP is about how the mind works, how language works and how we affect ourselves and other people. It is tool which explores HOW we think and HOW we behave and discovers the most effective patterns of communication, behavior and thinking.NLP is an attitude and methodology, which originated in the 1970’s, when Richard Bandler and John Grinder discovered the patterns of the most successful communicators and human change experts – most notably Milton Eriksson. From this grew a system of understanding excellence in any area. Science Digest has described NLP as “the most important synthesis of information to emerge in the human communication area”.

Our beliefs make us what we are. These have been laid down through life subjectively and are interwoven with emotion and subconsious attachments. Understanding these is the key to allowing us to reach our full potential.

At present, NLP is being used extensively by millions worldwide in business, sales, health, therapy, education and their personal lives for personal enhancement and improvement. Such big names as Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Greg Norman and Andre Agassi to name but a few have used NLP to improve their performance.

Aidan Higgins

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